Frequently Asked Questions regarding our 4G LTE Hotspot Loaner Program


Q:How long will I be able to use the loaned hotspot?

A: We loan out our hotspots to qualified individuals or families for the period of one (1) semester. If the need goes beyond that time frame, you may re-apply for the next semester and so on. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to continue to use hotspot you are using. This depends upon how many others have applied for assistance.


Q: Is it possible to take the SIM card out of the hotspot you provide and use it in another device?

A: Our agreement with our equipment and internet service supplier prohibits the use of third-party equipment. Members who are found to be using third-party equipment will have their service terminated.


Q: How many users can connect to one of these wireless hotspots at once?

A: It varies by device. The Franklin T9 Hotspot handles up to 15 users. The Alcatel Linkzone 2 handles up to 16 users.


Q: How do I use the hotspot I just received?

A: The hotspot will automatically activate itself when you power it on within the Sprint/T-Mobile 4G LTE service area.


Q:What happens if Sprint/T-Mobile coverage is not very good at my location?

A:We will verify your address is listed as being covered. But, that is something that we unfortunately have no control over. With the recent merger of Sprint and T-Mobile, the coverage area is much larger than it had been previously. Our devices can use both of the Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Sprint/T-Mobile control their network and we have no influence with them. Your results may vary depending on where you attempt to connect and how Sprint/T-Mobile's coverage is there, and also due to network conditions.

It is your responsibility to Check Sprint Coverage Map for your area, and if possible to test with someone else's mobile device to see if signal quality is acceptable to you before you apply to our foundation. Also please be aware that our terms of service, which must be agreed to in order to become a eligible for no cost internet access, says that we cannot be held responsible for where Sprint/T-Mobile has coverage and where it does not.


Q: Does BurstWave Foundation offer technical support?

A: Yes, BurstWave Foundation does offer limited technical support. We are available by phone at 540-748-8585 during business hours (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) Eastern Time (not including weekends), or by email at We generally respond to messages within 24 hours. Just have your PTN or MEID ready. Your PTN/MEID can be found on the outside of the box your device comes in, or within the web user interface.


Q: Does my hotspot have a warranty?

A: All hotspots are covered by a 12 month limited warranty through our partner. The warranty period begins when the hotspot leaves our partner's possesion. The warranty covers defective devices, but not loss or theft.

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