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BurstWave Foundation Internet Access Intiative

There are many compelling reasons to donate to the Burstwave Foundation mission, besides the feeling of knowing that you have helped provide internet to someone in need.

By making a donation to the BurstWave Foundation, you have helped further the education of Virginia residents who do not have internet available at home. Parents will not have to drive for miles and sit in potentially extreme temperatures or isolated locations, just so their children can have internet access to do schoolwork.

You are also helping to build the confidence of those students who receive internet at home, possibly for the first time ever. Having more internet access and availability at home will mean the students' computer skills will improve, also. Having better computer skills can translate to better employment opportunities in the future for those students.

Since more than one device can be connected to each internet device, having internet at home could allow an adult at home to access online training and education to improve their skills, as well. This can lead to better or new jobs, promotions and overall improvement to the family financial picture..

BurstWave Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Consult with your tax advisor for details regarding this tax deductible donation.

Are You Unable To Afford Internet Access?

  • Don't let the lack of internet service stop you. If you are unable to afford the cost of internet access. And, you are aresident of the state of Virginia. We may be able to help you.
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